SCL Stain-B Penetrating Sealer (1L)


SCL STAIN-B Penetrating Sealer comprise a single-component blend with an aliphatic solvent designed to repel water and efflorescence effectively. An ideal sealer to apply to the bottom of the marble and granite stone before installation.


  • Ride the resins to penetrate faster and deeper than most of the water-based sealer.
  • Resins coat the individual microscopic pores’ structure and reduce the pore size thereby retains the vapor transmission of the stones.
  • Give a hydrophobic treatment.

Application on the type of stone:

  • Suitable to apply on most type of natural stones such as marble, granite, sandstone, pebble stone, slate, etc.
  • Ideal to apply on the back/bottom sides of the stones.

Direction to use: Refer to the product labelling instruction for application procedures.


  • Test a small area first.
  • Do Not apply on all rough texture Top surface marble, granite & limestone.
  • High pressure-jet washing will reduce the performance and effectiveness of the penetrating sealer.
  • Applying SCL Stain-B sealer on a marble surface does not make the marble surface become acid resistance.


  • Keep away from heat, sparks and open flames.
  • Keep out of reach of Children.
  • Pregnant woman should avoid using this product.
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