SCL HP200 Honing Powder (1kg) + Red Pad (For polished surface)


SCL-HP200 Honing Powder is a unique blend of abrasive powder that will remove heavy soils from the rough texture stone surface with effortless cleaning. Ideal to use in conjunction with SCL-Stoneclean Xtra.

Recommended for periodic cleaning on flamed finished granite flooring and matte finished homogeneous tiles.

Additional Properties:

  • Does not contain any wax compound.
  • When regularly used, it does not have wax build-up residue.
  • Ideal to repair matte finished homogeneous tile damaged by acids.

Direction to use: Refer to the product labelling instruction for application procedures.

Color available: Black & White

Important Notes:

  • This product is intended for equipment/professional use only.
  • Recommended weight of the floor polishing machine is between 55 to 65kg and running at 175rpm.
  • A badly damaged surface needs the professional’s diamond polishing.
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