SCL 748 Black Enhancer Sealer (500ml)


Designed for smooth/polished surface stone.

SCL COLOR ENHANCER SEALER is a Single Component sealer designed to enhance any fading natural stones that required a vibrant & enriched color.

Benefits of SCL-Color Enhancer Sealers

  • It adds vibrant color to the fading stone. At the same time effectively prevent water-based fluids from entering into the porous stone.
  • It can be used in external area that are exposed to UV light.
  • An ideal product to apply and cover-up mild soap scum mark (i.e. whitish mark) commonly seen on bathroom shower’s wall.

Application on the type of stone: Suitable to use on all types of rough and polished texture stone surface and other porous materials that any materials that can absorb the sealer.

Direction to use: Refer to the product labelling instruction for application procedures.

Color available: Clear, Black

Other colors: Upon request


  • Test a small area first.
  • Do not apply on bathroom’s floor. For other area when applied, be sure the excessive sealer of the last coat of sealer is wipe off thoroughly to prevent slipperiness.


  • Keep away from heat, sparks and open flames.
  • Keep out of Reach of Children.
  • Pregnant woman should avoid using this product.

Download usage guide for cleaning bathroom vanity tops

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